Nexus2007: Leading in Times of Disruptive Change

Who said that Singapore’s lacking in the entrepreneurial scene?

A bunch of great guys I’ve met last year have been working hard to put together this awesome conference that highlights exciting fundamental changes currently happening in business and technology.

And it’s finally here, on March 24!

Check out the lineup:

Future of the web: which focuses on the long tail effect on the web

And who’s speaking? Prominent people from Salesforce, Amazon, Yahoo!, Google. I wish I were back home to attend this!

Global entrepreneurs sharing their war stores

Who? Silicon Valley startup bosses: Fazad Naimi, my NOC friend’s boss and Cory from the successful Second Life MMORPG.

Open Source innovation:

O’Reilly Radar. I’m sure you’ve heard of O’Reilly right?

And that’s not all, go check it out on their website

How much to sign up? Just SGD$15 for a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the Digital Revolution.

Who knows, you might meet someone there to start something big :)

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