TV No More

The show producer called.

After chatting for a while, I found out that the show needed someone who had alternative debatable views on stuff like job hopping.

I personally feel that job hopping’s fine, as long as you have valid reasons like the new job offers more opportunities (not more leave, pay) and opens up more doors to help you develop what you love to do and not reasons like oh the other job’s less tough. Mildly debatable still, but I guess someone more controversial would better fit the shoes to run the show, initiate a debate and conclude with a lesson learnt.

She asked if I were free on Saturdays for possible future shows too ahh.. :)

All’s well! It was really a moment in time when I seriously considered brushing up my mandarin!

Life’s really unpredictable, with unimaginable stuff thrown at you, catching you unaware. For me it was potentially appearing on a Chinese TV show! Man! The Irony! Haha!

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