I build and sell software on the internet.

I've designed, developed and shipped a good number of iOS, Mac, and Ruby on Rails applications that people find useful enough to pay for. Check out my projects.

When I can find time, I work on side projects that solve pain points for myself and folks I care about.

Handpick (NEW)

I'm working on Handpick, the most caring way to share links, because not everyone in your network wants to watch funny cat videos.


Liberate, painlessly add user editable content to your static HTML webpages. In private beta.

Announcing Screendocs for Dropbox

Screendocs for Dropbox, the fastest way to share step-by-step screenshots via Dropbox.

Get it now from the Mac App Store.


I'm currently enjoying Clojure, so I made a Compojure website containing mini Clojure projects like a Craigslist parser and useful learning Clojure links, hosted on Google AppEngine.

Looking for work in the Bay Area

Do contact me if you think I'll be a good fit for what you're working on.

Fructose is a deadly toxin

I took 2 screenshots from Prof Robert H. Lustig's slide in his Sugar: The Butter Truth lecture (1.5 hours) to serve as a timely reminder:

2 Quick slides on the Deadly Toxin Fructose